Sunday, April 13, 2008

what is Alpha Five?

what is Alpha Five?
Alpha Five is software for building desktop and web database applications - applications that include report writing, intelligent email, web connectivity, backend database access, data browsers and security.

Alpha Five is "beginner friendly." You can define and manage databases — and create complete applications without programming. With Alpha Five's Action Scripting, Genies, and point-and-click interface you focus on building your solution, not on the programming details.

Professional developers benefit from Alpha Five's Xbasic language. You can create user defined functions and integrate external software libraries. Thousands of functions are included.

Productivity and simplicity are the trademarks of Alpha Software database solutions.

Alpha Five Version 9 Platinum Edition

Alpha Five Platinum offers everything in Version 8 plus: Full desktop and web read-write SQL Connectivity (including stored procedures), AJAX /WEB 2.0 support, Super Controls, Drill Down reporting and hundreds of new features for the rapid creation of robust Windows, and web based applications. If your applications are mission critical, then you want to go Platinum

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