Monday, April 07, 2008

Reasons to Conduct Your Clinical Trial in India:

Reasons to Conduct Your Next Clinical Trial in India:

Huge patient base with large diversity of diseases
Heterogeneous, Caucasian population mix
High enrollment rates with excellent patient compliance / retention
State-of-the-art hospital facilities
Reliable, well-trained, motivated investigators
English-speaking medical community and source data in English
Demonstrated ICH GCP quality standards
Extremely competitive costs
Good communication network and IT capabilities
Increasingly accommodating regulatory environment
India's Medical Infrastructure
Hospitals 14,000
Doctors 500,000
Hospital beds 700,000 (85% urban)
Medical colleges 162
Medical graduates 17,000/year
India's Patient Population Estimates

40 million asthmatic patients
34 million diabetic patients
8-10 million people HIV positive
8 million epileptic patients
3 million cancer patients
> 2 million cardiac related deaths
1.5 million patients with Alzheimer's disease
15% of population is hypertensive
1% of population suffer from schizophrenia

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