Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Important topics in SQL & PL/SQL, Native and other tools, Unix Tools, Oracle Forms and Reports

Simple way to get number decimal (group) separator
"Holefinder" query
Getting node id in tree structure using OS directory syntax input string
Regular expressions in Oracle
Compress / decompress Oracle data package
Creating more demonstrable queries in SQL*Plus
SQL exercises with text data
Nice Calendar view
From javascript to ORACLE database SQL query demonstration

ODBC data importer
Quick drop all schema objects script
Pls2html - PL/SQL code html publishing with syntax highlighting
Sql2bat - Convert Sql*Plus script into a NT batch file
TSMap - Oracle tablespace map photographer
Oracle developer background engines manager
Oracle SQL*Plus script Organizer
Oracle Forms PL/SQL Code Counter
Fmbgrep - Oracle Forms Code Searcher

HTML analog of the unix oerr
Euro foreign exchange reference rates daily loader
E-mail commander - Administering database server by e-mail
Oracle Reports Server 6i buffer overflow vulnerability
"Oracle Server History" SVG example

Non-Oracle Stuff
Myrhythm - MIDI Rhythm Composer
Text animation examples using html marquee tag
Creating and Using Index-Organized XML Data

Oracle Forms
Sending mail from host command
Forms 6i server tips collection
Tetris game example
Checking connection status
Embedding Perl into Oracle Developer applications
Closing the Graphics Batch window from forms application
Oracle Forms XML Explorer
Evaluating expressions inside Oracle Forms number item
Text-to-Speech capabilities in Oracle Developer Applications
Getting WEB page content from Oracle Developer Application

Oracle Reports
Returning to parameter form after report completion
From report to excel export package
Page break in HTML report
Simple analog of forms HOST procedure for NT platform
Setting field attributes in HTML reports (including borders and background)

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