Sunday, April 13, 2008

DB Commander 2000 PRO: an all-in-one database utility

Today we have brought a must have database tool for database administrators and developers. DB Commander 2000 PRO is an all-in-one database utility. It is a great tool to help you efficiently deal with many types of databases.

DB Commander 2000 PRO your only solution for handling any two different types of databases simultaneously. This powerful database tool enables you to manipulate any two databases simultaneously.

You can use DB Commander with any database that is supported by the BDE or ODBC driver. BDE ( Borland Database Engine ) is required and included in the installation. You can experience the power of this great database tool on Oracle, MS SQL, Interbase, Informix, DB2, Sybase, Paradox, DBase, Access, FoxPro, MS Works and many more.

DB Commander 2000 PRO is an ideal tool for copying and transferring table structures and/or records across different database types. You can view/edit two tables of different database types at the same time. You can copy table structure to another database with indexes intact (if applicable), one or multiple tables at a time. Table structure can also be copied from a query result set.

DB Commander 2000 PRO enables you to transfer records across to another table, one or multiple tables at a time. DB Commander will transfer data even if the tables are not identical. This can also be done from a query result set. You can transfer selected records to another table and transfer records between tables by mapping their fields.

You can also delete one or multiple tables at a time or empty one or multiple tables at a time. You can rename tables, View/Create/Add/Delete Indexes or Add/Delete columns (fields) to existing tables and/or transfer the contents of a single column (field). You can locate all fields in database and quickly see what tables contain each field. You can also generate reports on any table or query.

DB Commander 2000 PRO allows you to check the number of tables between databases and compare the number of fields, records, indexes and key fields of their corresponding tables (in a report format as well). You can Hide/Show Fields and can filter records.

DB Commander 2000 PRO allows you to execute any query, using SQL statements or execute scripts, using the SQL editor. You can also create Insert Scripts from datasets.

You can use DB Commander 2000 PRO to Import/Export from/to text file. You can also preview the contents of any table or query in a report format. You can also export tables to FTP site (in text). You can also export datasets directly to *.CSV format and launch the associated application.

A noteworthy feature of DB Commander 2000 PRO is the command line driven launching of DB Commander for scheduled tasks that can transfer records, delete/empty tables, export to text or to FTP even from query result set.

There are many more exciting features of DB Commander 2000 PRO so do not delay and download the FREE 30-Day TRIAL version of DB Commander 2000 PRO now!

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