Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yoga Training through T.V. Programmes

Yog Training through T.V. Programmes

More than 20 million people are regular viewers and are deriving benefits from the age old
science of Yog through programmes telecast everyday as detailed below :

Aastha Channel (National)
5.30 A.M.-8.00 A.M.

8.00 P.M.-9.00 P.M.

New Programs Start from 1 July, 2007

Veda Vigyan 9.30 P.M.-10.00 P.M. (Thursday.to Saturday)

Yoga aur Yuva 9.30 P.M.-10.00 P.M. (Sunday & Monday)

Darshan Bodh 10.00 P.M.-10.30 P.M. (Thursday.to Saturday)

Ayurveda evam Jivan Darshan 9.00 P.M.-9.30 P.M.

Rashtra Chetna 10.30 P.M.-11.00 P.M. (Wednesday to Saturday)

Upanishad Sudha 10.00 P.M.-10.30 P.M. (Sunday to Wednesday)

Manusmriti Mimansa 9.30 P.M.-10.00 P.M. (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Sanskriti evam Sanskar 10.30 P.M.-11.00 P.M. (Sunday to Tuesday)

Sangita Sarita Evam Sangita Sangam 10.30 P.M.-11.00 P.M. (Sunday.to Tuesday)

Aastha Channel (International) 5.00 A.M.-7.30 A.M.

7.00 P.M.-8.00 P.M.

India T.V.(Yog Science) 6.30 A.M.-7.00 A.M.
1.30 P.M.-2.00 P.M.

Sahara Samay (Ramban) 5.30 A.M.-6.00 A.M.

Sahara One 6.30 A.M.-7.00 A.M.

Star News (Yog Yatra) 6.30 A.M.-7.00 A.M. (Monday to Saturday)

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