Sunday, March 23, 2008



It IS The most useful and modern technique of separation and pun faction of organic compounds. It is the technique of separating the constituents of a mixture based on the difference in the rates at which the components of a mixture are adsorbed on a suitable adsorbent. The materials on which the various components are adsorbed is called stationary phase. It is of porous nature and common substances which can be used in preparing the stationary phase are alumina, silica gel calcium carbonate or activated charcoal. The mixture to be separated is dissolved in a suitable medium, may be a liquid or gas. It constitutes the moving phase. The moving phase is made to run on the stationary phase and the separation is based on the principal that the components of the mixture present in moving phase move at different rates through the stationary phase.
The various types of chromatopey which are commonly used are :-
1. Column Chromatography
2. Thin layer Chromatography
3. Partition Chromatography
4. High pressure liquid Chromatography
5. Ion Exchange Chromatography
6. Gas Chromatography

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