Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oracle SQL PL/SQL references

oracle 9i test king
how to print 3000 characters in oracle 9i
retrieve the data that is present in both table and adding one column of one table for dislaying one column which displays 1 if the information
"You want to retrieve all employees, whether or not they have matching departments in the departments"
greater than or equal to comparison not working in decode in pl/sql
"Which statement lists the ID, name, and salary of the employee, and the ID and name of"
test oracle 007
"create or replace user" oracle
dEFINIR "NUMBER not null Default"
testking 1z0-007 latest version
oracle 9i certification king
oracle certification test king scribd
how to get records between rownum 500 and 600 in sql
you need to update the records of employees 103 and 105
round ora-01481
oracle 9i exclude group results
oracle merge nvl using adding
grant all tables in oracle 9i <=>4
how to check the employee earning maximum salary in each department in oracle
select last_name, nvl2(commission_pct, 'commission','no commission') Comm from employees order by commission_pct;
nvl(abcd,'x') in oracle
how to start sequence with 1 after truncating table in Oracle9i
test king - oracle 9i:sql
introduction to oracle9i study guide <=>6
linked server ORA-01481: invalid number format model
sql "column name" name select from where system oracle 9i USER_SOURCE table
latest testking 007 oracle
"What is the result when the query is executed?"
how to give foreign key reference of two columns to other two columns of the table in oracle 9i
NVL (column_name, value_if_null)
actual test oracle 1z0-007 free model questions

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