Thursday, March 06, 2008

Informatica Powercentre important things to learn

Introduction and Architectural Overview
Course objectives and materials
Informatica resources
Informatica Professional Certification
Extraction, Transformation and Loading process
PowerCenter 6 architecture
Additional Solutions
The Design Process

Source Object Definitions
Source types
Source properties
Metadata extensions

Target Object Definitions
Target types
Target properties

Transformation Concepts
Transformation types and views
Transformation features and ports
Expression transformation
Informatica functions and data types

Mapping components
Source Qualifier transformation
Pre SQL and Post SQL
Mapping validation
Data flow rules
Object export and import

Workflow Tools
Workflow structure and configuration
Workflow Connections
Workflow Tasks - Overview
Session task
Workflow Design and properties

Workflow Monitoring
Workflow Monitor views
Monitoring a Server
Actions initiated from the Workflow Monitor
Filtering views
Truncating Monitor Logs

Debugger features
Debugger windows & indicators
Tips for using the Debugger

Filter transformation
Filter properties
Filter usage

Aggregator transformation
Aggregation functions and expressions
Aggregator properties
Using sorted data
Data flow rules

Joiner transformation
Joiner types
Joiner conditions and properties
Joiner usage and Nested joins

Sorter transformation
Sorter properties
Sorter limitations

Lookup transformation
Lookup principles
Lookup properties
Lookup static & persistent cashing

Target options
Row type indicators
Row loading operations
Constraint-based loading
Rejected row handling options

Update Strategy transformation
Update Strategy expressions
Refresh strategies

Router transformation
Using a Router
Router groups

Sequence Generator transformation
Using a Sequence Generator
Sequence Generator properties

Mapping Parameters and Variables
Mapping parameter and variable usage
System Variables
Variable functions

Unconnected lookups
Usage and techniques

Heterogeneous Targets
Heterogeneous target types
Target type conversions and limitations

Functionality and advantages
Mapplet types and structure
Mapplet limitations

Reusable transformations
Promoting and copying transformations

Concurrent and sequential Workflows
Concurrent Workflows
Sequential Workflows
Stopping, starting and suspending tasks and workflows

The Reusable schedule
Session configuration
Session configuration browser
Session configuration editor

Tasks & Worklets
Reusable tasks
Command task
Email task
Decision task
Assignment task
Timer task
Control task
Event wait task
Event raise task
Additional Transformations
Rank transformation
Normalizer transformation
Stored Procedure transformation
External Procedure transformation
Advanced External Procedure transformation
Transaction Control transformation

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