Monday, March 31, 2008

Don’t get looted by smart property developers.

This is an awareness for all highly paid people. Don’t get looted by smart property developers.
If you are planning to purchase your dream home then just wait for 6 to 12 months as property rates started coming down.
Closely watch constructions going near by your home then you will find now they have stopped construction or the speed of constructions is very slow.
Reason behind is they don’t have bookings so it is very difficult to complete their project. If they become defaulter then you will loose your valuable money.
For confirmation you can visit to some builder's site there are so many who don’t have customers. Rates will surely come down which is good sign for buyers.
You can check it very easily visit their sites and enquire from some construction supervisor or site engineer about bookings. Then visit in their sales office they will try to present 80% - 90% has been sold out. Actually it is just 10% - 20%.
So total 10% - 20% poor guys has been nicely looted by these smart property developers. Please don’t disclose them how you get real information about their project that way other interested property buyer will not get correct information about project and they might loose their valuable money. You can also enquire this from small kirana and pan shops which are near to that site. Or you can visit site 2 - 3 time in 10 - 15 days. So you will also get idea about work progress.
Before investing watch regularly CNBC and other business channel’s real state programs. According to them real state developers are in big trouble. Some of them have invested their money in stock market when it was 20000+.
Most important thing is be aware about your job security also. Now a days job market is also little bit shaking. In case if you are job less and can pay their heavy EMI at least for 1.5 year then go ahead and purchase property if you feel it is worth.
Then after if you are interested in buying a property then just bargain with property developers if they ask for 3300/- per sq. ft. then just tell now it is buyer’s time I can’t pay more then 2200/- and give your contact number they might contact you.
Believe or not last month someone purchased a 2 year old 2BHK flat somewhere near to Kothrud bus stand, Pune (It is prime location of Kothrud, Pune) in just Rs. 1900/- per sq. ft. because seller and purchaser were aware with current market scenario.
Property developers are having a syndicate which is not allowing small developers to sale their property openly in reduced rate.
It already happened in USA. Property market, It has been came down 30% - 50% depends on location. You can enquire from your friends who are living there.

This is awareness for all highly paid people. Don’t get looted by smart property developers.

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