Monday, March 31, 2008

Data warehousing must read topics

Data warehousing Basics
Why Data Warehouses?
What is the DSS?
DW Implementations
Centralized approach
Data mart centric
DW Architecture
Operational data store
Data mart centric
Enterprise data warehouse architectures.
Usage of Staging database
De-normalization concept
Dimensions and Facts in Data Warehousing world
Star Schema
Snow Flake Schema
Dimensional Modeling
SCD1 – Business scenario and usage
SCD2 – Business scenario and usage
SCD3 – Business scenario and usage
Fact Table
Fact Less Fact
Measure Types (Fully, Semi and Non Additive)
Different types of loading process (Design and execution tips)
Full Load
Delta Load
ETL (Extract, Transform and Loading)
Extract process
Transformation process
Loading process
BI (Business Intelligence)
OLAP and the types of OLAP
Static Reporting
Ad hoc Reporting
Cubes and usage
Data Mining
Drill up, drill down, drill across and drill through
BI Metadata.
Meta Data in Data warehousing

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