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Benefits of Lemon or Citrus Aurantifolia or Nimbu

Introduction: Everybody knows lemon; people
are fond of eating lemon pickle, and drinking lemon
juice. The specialty of lemon is that it is sour in
taste in all stages, whether raw or ripe. It is the
best source of vitamin C and also has qualities of
overcoming scurvy. The second quality is that it
removes pitta in spite of being salty in nature. Different
types of lemon are found like Kagaji, Bijori,
Jammiri, sweet lemon etc. Kagaji lemon is normally
used for the purpose of Ayurvedic treatment.
Composition: The lemon trees are generally of
medium height with thorns, small leaves, completely
Lemon: Qualities and Benefits
Family name: Rutaceae
Latin name: Citrus Aurantifolia (Christ.)
Hindi: Nimbu
Sanskrit: Nimbuk
Gujarati: Limbu, Kagadi Limbu
Marathi: Limbu
Bengali: Lembu
Persian: Limoo, Limune Tursh
Arabian: Limune Hajim, Lemu Hajim
Tamil: Elumichhe
round and emit lemon like fragrance when crushed.
The flowers also have fragrance; the fruits are round
smooth, green when raw and yellow when ripe.
Chemical composition: The lemon juice contains
citric acid, phosphoric acid, melic acid and
sugar. The skin contains a bitter inflammable element
called glucocide hesperidins, which is generally
found in the white part of the skin.
Qualities: Lemon is sour, removes vata, it is light
and increases digestive fire. It removes germs, stomachache,
improves appetite, and is very beneficial
in case of vata, pitta, kapha and pain.
Lunacy: Apply lemon juice on forehead to cure
Anxiety: Lemon juice is beneficial in order to
control anxiety and palpitation in women.
Headache: heat two halves of lemon and keep
on temples and give fomentation for at least one
hour to overcome headache.
Hair: grind myrobalan in lemon juice and apply
on hair to remove dandruff. It also controls hair loss.
Eye diseases:
Crush lemon juice in an iron crusher till it turns
black; apply it near eyes or in the eyes to relieve
eye pain.
Rub a piece of lemon on rust, make a poultice in
yellow cloth and touch the eyes to overcome itching
and reddishness along with other eye problems.
Grind clove and black pepper and apply in eyes
to clean eyes.
Pimples and acnes:
Apply lemon juice on face and clean to remove
pimples and acne.
Mix equal quantities of lemon, basil and black
kasondi juice and keep it under sun till it gets thick.
Apply on face.
Mix lemon juice with honey and apply on face to
make the skin wrinkle free.
Mouth ulcers: Rub lemon peel on tongue and
gums and drink 20-30 gm lemon juice regularly to
relieve mouth ulcers.
Thirst: lemon juice is the best way to quench
Stomachache: eat the peel of one raw lemon
daily to overcome stomachache caused mainly after
meals. It overcomes windy complaint.
Vomiting: take five to ten ml fresh lemon juice
to control vomiting occurring after meals.
Digestive fire: mix a little bit of ginger and black
pepper powder in lemon juice and drink to increase
digestive fire, indigestion, vata, kapha.
Indigestion and stomachache: mix three gram
lemon juice, ten gram lime water, ten gram honey
and take 20 drops at a time to improve digestion.
Loss of appetite:
Add two times water in lemon juice; mix one or
two clove and black pepper powder to improve digestion.
Slice a lemon, sprinkle black salt and lick to improve
Lemon juice increases digestive fire.
Germs: lemon juice destroys bacteria of typhoid,
dysentery, cholera etc.
Jaundice: apply lemon juice in eyes to cure jaundice.
Add lemon juice and sugar candy in lukewarm
water and drink in the morning to improve liver functioning.
Mix roasted Ajowan and rock salt and drink
lemon juice to overcome liver and spleen diseases.
Obesity: add two spoons of lemon juice and one
spoon of honey in lukewarm water and drink in the
morning to reduce weight.
Cholera: take juice of two lemons before meals
or take lemon juice with sugar candy to cure chol??
Pitta: mix five-gram sugar candy in juice of one
lemon and drink to overcome pitta.
Dysentery: take 30 gm of lemon juice twice or
thrice daily to overcome dysentery caused due to
kapha problem.
Liver problems: lemon pickle is beneficial in
case of liver problems
Add 20 gm onion juice in lemon juice and take
for a fortnight in case of liver enlargement. It is
recommended to drink soup made with pulses.
Arthritis: take one to two gram lemon juices
every four hours.
Insect bite: apply lemon juice on bitten area to
reduce pain.
Scorpion bite: grind nine grams lemon seeds,
eight gram rock salt and take it to remove poison of
Fever: slice lemon, apply black pepper powder
and rock salt on one half and sugar candy powder
on the other half. Heat and lick the pieces to control
vomiting caused after monsoon season.
Seasonal fever: mix 25 gm lemon juice, equal
quantity of chirayata decoction to reduce seasonal
Influenza: mix lemon juice and sugar candy in
hot water and drink in this case.
Skin ailments: slice lemon and rub on skin in
case of ringworm, eczema, black spots etc.
Ringworm: grind karonda root and add in lemon
juice to relieve this problem.
Scurvy: mix four ounce lemon juice, 60 grains
potassium chlorate, six grains quinine, two ounce
sugar and take it three to four times daily for relief.
Lemon, pineapple, black plum, myrobalan, tomato,
orange should be taken in this case.
Swami Ramdev’s Ji’s self-tested remedy:
Mix juice of half lemon in cupful lukewarm milk and
drink before it curdles. It controls bleeding in case of diabetes.
Do not use this remedy more than once or twice.

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