Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Informatica ETL Datawarehouse Frequently asked interview questions


Performance Enhancement in ETL.

Difficulties faced in ETL Job? Did you overcome?

What are Maples?

What is the OLTP Process you worked with ______.

What is Lookup Transformation?

Tell about Cache Directory in Lookup.

What is Confirmed Dimension?

Slowly Changing Dimension and How to over them ?

Can a Mapplet have Target?

How many Transformations are there in Informatica?

How do you connect to Remote database in Mapping?

What is Data Driven in Update Strategy Transformation?

What is Mapplets?. Repository Objects that are not supported in Mapplets Why?

Difference between Oracle Warehouse Builder and Informatica.

How do you identify Fact and Dimension tables.

Difference between Connected and Unconnected Lookup.

What is Source Qualifier?


Components in Cognos.

What basic you create Data Marts in Cognos.

Define Models in Power Play.

What is Catlog?

Type of Catalogs.

Can a Catlog in Cognos Connects two different databases.

Can we create a report using Stored Procedures in Cognos.

Different types of Filters used in Reports.

What are Drill-Down, Drill-Up, and Drill-Cross.

Types of Prompts in Catlog.

Do you fined like loops constraints in Cognos.

What is signature (Segrigate) function?

What is signature of function?

What is fragmentation?

What are Indexes?

In what ways you can create report in Cognos

What is Cube in Congo’s?

How do you refresh data in Data Marts of Congo’s?

Business Objects:

What is Universe?

How can we create Universe?

What are the parameters that we are using at time of Universe Creation?

What is Repository?

How can we restrict rows in the report in Business Objects?

What is .key file?

What are Domains?

Can we create a report with Data Providers?

What are Locks?

What is Broad Cast Agent?

What is trouble shooting in Broad Cast Agent?

What is Adhoc report?

What are Loops in Business Objects? How to Use it.

Definition of Universe.

Explain grouped cross tab.

Who launches the Supervisor?

How do you write Factorial function in PL/SQL?

What is Reference Cursor?

What is Procedure and Function?

What is Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse ?

Describe Metadata.

Snowflake Schema.

Oracle 8i features in of Data Warehouse.

Difference between Data Warehouse and data Mart.

Maintained views in Data Warehouse.

Difference between OLTP and DSS.

Hierarchy of Data Warehouse.

Data Mart whether it is Logical or Physical.

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