Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Control M Job Scheduling Tool

Srl NO # Subject Complexity Questions Answers
1 Control M Average What is Control M? Control-M is a multi-platform job scheduling and control system. It executes as a background activity and schedules, submits, tracks and follows up the execution of jobs. Used in conjunction with Enterprise Control Station (Enterprise/CS) it provides centralised workstation control of the job scheduling production environment. An instance of Control-M resides on each of the machines for which scheduling is required. Enterprise/CS resides on a Sun workstation and can control multiple instances of Control-M.
2 Control M Complex Integerated Components of Enterprise/CS Enterprise/CS is comprised of three integrated components which work in unison to provide centralised control of the entire job scheduling environment. 1. The first component, the data-centre, consists of one or more computers which are managed by one Control-M monitor. Enterprise/CS can control many data-centres of the same or different types of platforms. 2.The second component, a gateway, provides communication between data-centres and the Enterprise/CS workstation(s). 3.The third component, the Enterprise/CS Workstation, provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface and local SQL database, used to maintain all the data-centres.
3 Control M Simple Owner of the production file controlled 'prod' user.
4 Control M Average General Structure of the HOME dorectory of the 'prod' user runlib - Storage area for all scripts and binaries used by a Control M controlled application overlib - Temporary area for emergency fixes rellib - Used as holding area prior to release into run library oldlib - Contains the previous version of any updated files. adhoc - Emergency one off runs INIT - Initialisation files : ksh.env, csh.env, INIT, pcp related files, etc.
5 Control M Simple What the environment variable CTM_ODATE mean? Order date for the job.
6 Control M Average Stages of execution 1. Control M checks the permissions of the file, comparing it with the job owner field. It copies the file, making a number of changes to the script. These changes are made so that Control-M can trace and post-process the job output. 2. Control-M switches user to the job owner, changes directory to the job owners HOME directory and executes the .profile/.cshrc scripts. 3. Main script startup 4. The Parameter Construction Program (PCP) is used to create a file of options, parameters and other configuration information, some of which may change depending on the date. 5. Main script execution 6.Control M - Final processing
7 Control M Simple PCP The Parameter Construction Program should be used to create any variable configuration, parameters or startup code required by a group of scripts.
8 Control M Average How do you call a sql? Call the oracle login instances and giving the sql script as a parameter
9 Control M Average How do you call a Informatica session? Using pmcmd command in the script
10 Control M Simple What is RIT? It's a Run time Information Template. It tell us the information about the control M job reg. Its scheduling time, Inputs reqired, database which it is using, Whether it is doing Insert/ Update / Delete

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