Saturday, January 12, 2008

Professional Colleges in Jharkhand

Colleges in Jharkhand

Law Colleges:

Sl. No Name of the College Place District
1. Rajendra Law College Hazaribagh Hazaribagh
2. Chotanagpur Law College Ranchi Ranchi

Agricultural / Forest University / College

Sl. No Name of the University / College Place District
1. Birsa Agriculture University Kanke Ranchi
2. Faculty of Forestry Sciences Kanke Ranchi

Engineering Colleges :
Sl. No. Name of the Institute Place District
1. Birsa Institute of Technology Sindri Dhanbad
2. Indian School of Mines Dhanbad Dhanbad
3. Birla Institute of Technology Mesra Ranchi
4. Faculty of Agriculture Engineering Kanke Ranchi
5. Regional Institute of Technology Jamshedpur East Singhbhum

Medical Colleges / Institutions

Sl. No. Name of the Institute Place District
1. Patliputra Medical Colleges Dhanbad Dhanbad
2. Rajendra Medical College Ranchi Ranchi
3. Hospital for Mental Deseases Kanke Ranchi
4. MGM Medical College Jamshedpur East Singhbhum
5. Ranchi Veterinary College Kanke Ranchi
6. Jharkhand Veterinary College Kanke Ranchi
7. Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry Kanke Ranchi
8. College of Nursing, Rajendra Medical College & Hospital Ranchi Ranchi
9. Yogda Satsang Homeopathic College Ranchi Ranchi
10. Homeopathic College & Hospital Mihijam Dumka

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