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Industries in Jamshedpur/Jharkhand

East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur


Industries Directory of East Singhbhum, Jamshedpur



The peninsular Locomotive Co. Ltd., was formed in 1921. The plan of manufacturing 200 locomotives, being the minimum requirements of the Indian Railways, could not materialize and the Company had to shut down in 1925. The Government of India then took it over for the construction of carriage under frames and wagons. It started functioning again in 1928 and closed down in 1934 due to lack of orders. With the war emergency, the Defense Department of the Government of India resuscitated this workshop in 1940 for the manufacture of armored vehicles. On the termination of the hostilities in 1945, the workshop had outlived its usefulness and when the Defense Department announced their intention of giving it up, the Government of India entered into an agreement with Messrs. Tata and Sons, Ltd., for the latter to take over the workshops for the manufacture of locomotive, Automobile and Foundry.

Telco for short-was incorporated in 1945 when the east Indian Railway Workshops at Tatanagar were taken over by the Comapny. The old workshop was completely pulled down and a new one was built up on the site. The workshop has three divisions e.g. Locomotive, Automobile and Foundry.

There are about 6892 workers in the factory. To provide them with house a new township has been built with modern designs and planning. The houses have been built with hollow concrete blocks for which a special plant has been put to treat the sewage of the works and the township. Water-supply has been arranged with Tisco. Raw water is taken from them and filtered by a filter plant set up by the Company.


The Original concern was formed some time during the period immediately following the last World War (1914-18) along with so many other industrial concerns, which came into existence as a result of war property and the necessity of having key industries established. But the concern did not survive the heavy slump that followed due to foreign competition and it was ultimately brought under liquidation. It was then purchased by sardar(sir) Indra Singh in the year 1927. The total capacity of the mills at the time of purchase was less than about 1500 tons wire and wire products a year. The capacity of the plant was increased to near about 12000 tons of wire and wire products and Government protection was granted in 1931. It took near about three years. i.e. from 1932 up to the beginning of 1935, before the mill could be established to commence operations. The capacity of the plant was raised to nearly 40000 to 45000 tons of rods per year. This meant increased output of other subsidiary products of wire and wire nails. The concern had grown sufficiently by then and was made into a limited liability company on 1st April 1935 with the founders as the Managing Agents.

The Company has at present about 2200 employees on their rolls and a good portion of this number has been given quarters. There is a well-equipped hospital. The works have a crèche, lower primary school, a club, a canteen and a co-operative society.


The works are situated at Golmuri, three miles from Tatanagar. They cover an area of about 220 acres. The works which were originally designed to produce 28000 tons packed tinplate annually, commenced operations at the end of 1922. In 1951 production was running at over 69000 tons packed tinplate or nearly treble the original capacity rating. The principal raw materials used in the manufacture of tinplate are steel,tin and coal.Steel in drawn from theTata Iron and Steel Co. LTD, which supplies this on special wagons in the form of tinbar. The Tata company also supply the works and town with electric power and water. Tin is imported direct by the Company from Malaya. Supplies of coal are drawn from collieries in the Disergarh and Ranipur groups. About 5546 workers are engaged for whom there are canteen, hospital, clubs and schools.


Jamshedpur Engineering and Machine Manufacturing Co.LTD was established in 1921. It was a European managed firm manufacturing textile. In 1923, it was reconstituted as the General Engineering works. In 1934, it was purchased by Mr. Jivan Lal Motichand, who in 1936, transferred his interest in the concern to Messrs. Indra Singh and Ltd. It has now fully equipped machine shops, pattern shop a general foundry, a roll foundry a roll turning shop and chemical laboratory. It had taken over Calcutta Monifieth Works which used to produce casting for Jute mill machinery.


The Indian Oxygen and Acetylene Company (Private), Limited was formed in the year 1955, as an associated of the British Oxygen Company Limited of London and others in Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma, Malaya, Hong Kong, Australia, Egypt, Canada, Africa


This Company was floated in the year 1920 with an initial total issued capital of RS. 2724000 and authorized capital of RS. 300000. The issued capital at present has been increased to RS. 2.67 crores and the authorized capital is RS. 3 crores.

The Company started production in the year 1923. The main products are copper wires and insulated cables for electrical purpose. Besides these, the Company also produces aluminum wires and strands, steel cored aluminum conductors, "Copper weld" wire and strands, cadmium copper wires and strands and fuse wires of all standards and types. Besides these. There are also other types of wires. Which are produced.

Starting with a total number of 400 employees, the present labour population of the Company has gone up to 2000. After the completion of all the expansion schemes, the company will be able to meet the total requirement of electric cables and wires for the whole of India.


This company was formed in the year 1953 as a limited concern with collaboration of the Tata Iron and steel Company, Limited and Messrs. Stewarts and Lloyds limited. This was registered in the year 1954. It is at present spread over an area of 68 acres and fitted with most modern equipment for making welded and seamless tubes. It consists of (I) a continuous butt weld mill for the manufacture of gas, water and steam tube , ranging from 1/2" to 3" nominal bore (it incorporates a modern hot-dip galvanizing plant and the full range of finishing equipment, including an up-to-date Socket Plant); (ii) an Electric Resistance weld tube making plant. A Fretz-Moon plant had been installed to produce 90000 tons of commercial piping. A second Plant has gone into Operation.


The National Metallurgical Laboratory is one of the chain of National Laboratories established by the council of scientific and Industrial Research in India to foster scientific research on an organized basis in different fields . This laboratory was opened by the Prime Minister Shri Jawahar lal Nehru , on November 26, 1950 . The Laboratory is fully equipped on modern lines to undertake fundamental and applied problem and to serve as a central station for carrying out research on ores , minerals ,refractories and ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys in relation to their application to indigenous metal industries .

Close collaboration is maintained with other research institution and organization of the council, particularly on long term research projects of fundamental nature. Collection data and technical information and dissemination of the result of scientific research to the industries tendering technical advice and undertaking specialized investigations, which are beyond the limits of the Government Test Houses, are amongst the many activities of this Laboratory.


Tata Iron & Steel Company (Tisco) - Sakchi,Jamshedpur -product (Iron)
Tata Engineering Locomotive Company (TELCO) - Telco, Jamshedpur - product (Motor)
The Tinplate Company India Ltd.(TINPLATE) - Golmuri , Jamshedpur - product (Tina)
Tata Robins Frzer(TRF) - Burmamines , Jamshedpur - Product ( )
Timken India , Sidhgora , Jamshedpur -Product (Bearing)
Indian Cable (INCAB) - Golmuri, Jamshedpur - Product (Cable)
Lafarge Cement - Govindpur, Jamshedpur - Product( Cement)
Tata Electric Power , Govindpur, Jamshedpur -Product (Power)
Tata Pigment - Bistupur , Jamshedpur- Product()
Tata Rayrson - Sidhgora, Jamshedpur -Product()
Uranium Corporation India Limited (UCIL) - Jadugora,Jamshedpur - Product (Uranium)
Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) -Ghatshila/Mosabani , Jamshedpur - Product (Copper)
Rakha Copper Project - Rakhamines, Mosabani , Jamshedpur - Product (Copper)
Turamdih Gold Mine - Mosabani , Jamshedpur - Product (Gold)
Paper Mill - Dhalbhumgarh , Jamshedpur - Product (Paper)
Tube Company (Tata Steel) - Burmamines , Jamshedpur - Product (Tube)


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